Soy Sauce Ramen Soup M


This is a concentrated ramen soup by mixing pork stock, pork extract and soy sauce in a perfectly balanced ratio. The pork stock is prepared in our factory by carefully simmering pork fat and pork and so on.

Product Information

Net Weight 40g / Piece
Size / Piece
(W x D x H)
100 mm x 8 mm x 70 mm (42g)
Quantity 500 Pieces / Case
Case Size
(W x D x H)
440 mm x 326 mm x 228 mm (21.5kg)
Best Before Period 9 Months
Storage Room Temperature
Ingredients and Allergy Information Available on Japanese website (in Japanese)
How to Use

Dilute one pack of this concentrated soup with 300ml of hot water to make ramen soup.
(You can enjoy more delicious flavor by bringing the diluted soup to a boil.)