Miyajima Shoyu began making soy sauce in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, Japan in 1882. Today, we uses manufacturing techniques developed from its soy sauce and miso brewing to produce more than 3,000 food products. They include a variety of sauces, powdered and liquid soups, grilled meat sauces, noodle broths, dressing, spices, canned foods, pre-packaged foods and frozen foods.

Our all three factories have the SQF (Safe Quality Food) international certification ensuring food safety and quality.

Product development is staffed by around 30 talented employees who respond to clients request. Miyajima Shoyu can also produce custom-made products targeting household consumers, commercial clients, and ODM & OEM. Feel free to contact us about food product development or manufacturing.

We are looking for business partners who would like to distribute or use our products in the world.

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Miyajima Shoyu has three business pillars
(1) Our-brand food products for general markets

(2) Various ODM & OEM products to many clients
  →See details about our ODM & OEM service

(3) Various food products for professional use in food service industry, including food factories and restaurant chains

Miyajima Shoyu Company Movie (English subbed)

Miyajima Shoyu Company Movie (chinese subbed)
宫岛酱油 公司介绍 (中文字幕版)

Company Overview

Company name Miyajima Shoyu Co., Ltd.
Head Office 2318, Funamiya, Karatsu, Saga 847-0062, JAPAN
Founded June 1882
Established March 1950
Capital 45 million yen
President Osamu Miyajima
Number of employees 701 (as of January 1, 2021)
Business Production and sales of various fermented foods, seasonings and processed foods
(soy sauce, miso, vinegar, various sauce, powdered soup, liquid soup, grilled meat sauce, noodle soup, dressing, spice, canned foods, retort-packed food, frozen food, sweet cooking sake, cooking sake)
Annual turnover 12.3 billion yen (from January 1 to December 31, 2020)

Message from the President

Our corporate philosophy is “去華就実” (Kyoka-Shujitsu).

We will be a “技術立社” (Gijutsu Rissha) that looks ahead.

President Osamu Miyajima

去華就実 “Kyoka-Shujitsu”

All food companies cannot survive even for just one day without consumer trust. “去華就実” is our frugal and sincere corporate philosophy, which has been sustaining our long business history for more than 135 years. “去華就実” is read as “Kyoka-Shujitsu”, which means “not to pursue external beauty and vanity, but to pursue internal self-worth”. It describes the most important and fundamental spirit that all Miyajima staff possess in their mind. We have been experiencing abrupt and widespread changes nowadays, shaken by repeated cycles of boom and decline. That is why we stick to our philosophy even more tightly and keep devoting to meaningful works.

技術立社 “Gijutsu Rissha”

We regarde the development of new technology and the enhancement of its level as our company’s managerial mission. We call this policy “技術立社” (read as “Gijutsu Rissha”, which literally means the company based on its technology).
The technological innovation we are working on includes not only mere food production techniques but also a wide range of technologies including management of raw materials and inventories, historical management of production process, improvement of lead time, cost reduction in these areas, and consistent quality control. Each field requires creative efforts and trial and error, which indeed means “technological development cannot be achieved in just one day”. However, accumulating these cutting-edge technologies is the only way for Japanese manufacturers to propagate their profiles to the world. Also, it is obvious that far-sighted basic research is essential for the development of those industrial technologies.

Strong spirit of contribution in food culture

Eating is the most fundamental of all human behaviors. It is a great honor for us to deliver safety, pleasure and health to our customers by participating in the food production. We are working with a “strong spirit of contribution in food culture in Japan and the world”. We have been cultivating a fresh spirit of not being afraid of facing up to new challenges while we are placing importance on tradition. We will do our best and keep creating excellent products that are highly valued by consumers and we hope to hear them saying, “It can only be achieved by Miyajima,” and “It can be achieved because it is Miyajima.”

Offices and Factories

Head Office・Central Factory 2318, Funamiya, Karatsu, Saga, 847-0062, JAPAN
Myoken Factory 1-18, Nakanosedori, Karatsu, Saga, 847-0101, JAPAN
Utsunomiya Factory 29, Kiyohara Industrial Park, Utsunomiya, Tochigi, 321-3231, JAPAN
Offices Utsunomiya, Tokyo, Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture), Osaka, Hiroshima,
Kitakyushu (Fukuoka Prefecture), Fukuoka, Saga, Karatsu (Saga Prefecture), Sasebo (Nagasaki Prefecture), Kumamoto

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The History of Miyajima Shoyu

Denbe Miyajima the 7th started producing soy sauce and miso in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture.

Established Miyajima Shoten Corp.

Constructed Central Factory in Karatsu City.

Established Miyajima Shoyu Co., Ltd.

Constructed Myoken Factory

Opened Utsunomiya Factory

Utsunomiya Factory acquired SQF certification.

Central Factory acquired SQF certification.

Myoken Factory acquired SQF certification.

Factory Introduction

Central Factory

Central factory

Miyajima Shoyu was founded in 1882 by Denbe Miyajima the 7th in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture.
Central Factory was constructed in the 1920’s. Although we renovated facilities of the factory several times, a number of original buildings still remain, including the white-walled warehouse, the red brick warehouse, and the wooden head office.
In this factory, soy sauce, miso, noodle soup, soup stock, vinegar, Worcester sauce and seasoning sachets are produced.

Myoken Factory

Myoken factory

Myoken Factory began its operations in 1989. The factory is located in Myoken Industrial Park in the west of Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture.
At Myoken Factory, powdered soup, liquid soup, grilled meat sauce, retort-packed foods and frozen foods are produced. The merit of this factory is the capability of producing a wide variety of foods and seasonings in small lots.

Utsunomiya Factory

Utsunomiya factory

Utsunomiya Factory began its operations in 2000. The factory is located in Kiyohara Industrial Park in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture.
At Utsunomiya Factory, canned foods, retort-packed foods and frozen foods are produced. The factory is capable of producing various canned foods such as small-sized cans for general consumers and large-sized cans for business use. We can produce 100 thousand retort-packed foods per day.

Corporate Philosophy “去華就実” (Kyoka-Shujitsu)


Chairman Seiichi Miyajima

 Our head office in Karatsu is situated in the classical wooden building that was built in the 1930s. Many guests ushered into the reception room in the office say, “We feel cozy and comfortable here for some reason.” This must be implying that they are feeling our long history and tradition embedded in the building. There is a symbolic ornament in the room that is adding dignified tension to the room’s atmosphere: A calligraphy that says “去華就実” written by Naganari Ogasawara. He was a son of Nagayuki Ogasawara, who worked as a senior councilor in Tokugawa shogunate and became a successor to Nagakuni Ogasawara, the last feudal lord of Karatsu Domain. (Japan was divided into many domains during the Edo period.) Naganari then became an imperial court councilor and was in charge of educating the Crown Prince, later Emperor Showa. This calligraphy was given to Denbe Miyajima, the founder of Miyajima Shoyu, by Naganari as an instruction for us. You will also find “為宮島大人 小笠原長生書” written there, which means “Naganari Ogasawara wrote this calligraphy and gave it to Mr. Miyajima”.

“去華就実” is read as “Kyoka-Shujitsu”, which means “not to pursue external beauty and vanity, but to pursue internal self-worth”. It describes the most important and fundamental spirit, which all Miyajima staff possess in their mind.

All food companies cannot survive even for just one day without consumer trust. Established in 1882, we have been sustaining our long business history for more than 135 years. This is because we have followed this frugal and sincere corporate philosophy tightly and continuously passed it on from generation to generation We shall continue in the future to respect this corporate philosophy.