OEM and ODM of Japanese Foods and Fermented Foods

Miyajima Shoyu has been providing ODM and OEM service for more than 30 years. We respond to all kind of needs from customers and make use of our experience and technologies.

We can manufacture various food products in small lots, and possess equipment enabling us to cope with packaging shapes and sizes of all kinds.

We welcome orders from abroad and are ready to support your business.

Our Typical ODM/OEM Categories

From Japanese traditional seasonings to diverse processed foods

Fermented seasonings

[Soy Sauce]
Koikuchi (Dark-color), Usukuchi (Light-color), Saishikomi (Double-fermented), Sushi Soy Sauce, Sashimi Soy Sauce, etc.
Rice Miso, Barley Miso, Rice & Barley Miso, Miso for Marinating, etc.
Rice Vinegar, Sushi Vinegar, Ponzu Vinegar, Sanbaizu Vinegar, Vinegar for Marinating, etc.

Japanese seasonings

Noodle and Stew Soups (Tsuyu soup, Mentsuyu), Dashi (Soup Stock), Tempura Sauce, Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu) Sauce, etc.

Various seasonings and pre-packaged foods

Pasta Sauce, Grilled Meat Sauce, Mixed Spice Powder, Curry, Various Noodle Seasoning & Soup, Salad Dressing, Hot Pot Soup, Rice Seasoning, Small Sachet Seasonings, etc.

Production Flow of ODM/OEM

Hearing Your Request
Please feel free to contact us.


Product Planning
Taste, Ingredients, Packages, Production Volume, etc.
Sample Preparation
Our Research & Development team staff prepare samples based on the product planning.
Sample Delivery

We provide samples free of charge.
(Please bear the shipping charge)
Sample Evaluation
After your evaluation, we modify our samples upon your request.
Specification Decision
Confirming food labeling design, too.
Signing a Contract
Production Volume, Price, Shipping Date, Delivery Place, Payment Method, etc.
Production and Shipment
We produce products at our own factories under strict quality control.

Our resourceful team develops diverse recipes and delivers high-quality foods

A Wide Variety of Packages is Available

Our all factories have acquired the SQF certification

To deliver products that are delicious and safe, we strictly control the quality of products and keep excellent hygiene and sanitary condition in every process. Our three factories have acquired SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification to ensure thorough quality control (SQF is an international certification system that guarantees the safety and quality of food products).


Utsunomiya Factory

Central Factory

Myoken Factory

Our production equipment

Soy sauce fermentation tank

Soy sauce filling machine

Vinegar fermentation tank

Pouch filling machine

White sauce production

High speed powder filling machine

Vacuum filling line

Retort sterilization equipment

Aseptic filling machine

Bottle filling machine