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Products and Service of Miyajima Shoyu

We produce and sell various kinds of fermented foods and processed foods.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is mainly used as dipping sauce for sushi and sashimi as well as used to flavor stewed dishes. It is a must-have condiment for Japanese cuisine.

We produce all kinds of soy sauce including soy sauce that ingredients are carefully selected from Saga and soy sauce with sweetness and umami flavor that suite the palate of those living in Saga, Kyushu and other areas.

Bara Honjozo Amakuchi Soy Sauce

SAGA soy sauce

Soup for noodles and stews

Soup stocks extracted from dried bonito flakes, kelp, shiitake mushrooms and other ingredients are called ‘dashi’ in Japanese cuisine. Our noodle and stew soups are produced using these dashi soup stocks and our factory-made soy sauce.

Tsuyu soup base double concentrated (bonito flavor)

Grilled flying fish tsuyu soup base (double concentrated)


Like soy sauce, miso is a must-have seasoning for Japanese cuisine. Miso soup is one of the most common Japanese foods made with miso.

We produce all kinds of miso including a miso product which ingredients are carefully selected from Saga and a miso product with sweetness and umami flavor that suite the palate of those living in Saga, Kyushu and other areas.

Mutenka raw awase miso (produced using only locally-grown ingredients)

Mutenka Saga miso

Noodle seasoning

We produce various types of noodle seasonings, including udon noodle soup, champon noodle soup, yakisoba noodle sauce, soba noodle soup and ramen noodle soup. Both powder and liquid type soups are available according to your preference.

Powdered Soup for Udon & Soba Noodles

PASTATAI Saga-Wagyu beef Bolognese sauce


Our steak spices contain soy sauce powder to create unique and excellent taste.

Steak spice

Colorful and fragrant spice with soy sauce flavored sea lettuce

Grilled meat sauce

A number of grilled meat sauces are produced using our factory-made soy sauce and miso.
We produce all kinds of grilled meat sauce with a variety of flavor choices from sweet to hot to suit your palate.

Grilled meat sauce “Tare-Jiman” (sweet flavor)

Ajigoromo meat sauce


We produce various curries including beef curry with high-quality beef produced in Saga, Kyushu.

Saga wagyu beef curry

Kagoshima kurobuta pork curry

Vinegar and vinegar drink

Our company produces several kinds of vinegar. Among them, the purple rice vinegar is our vinegar drink made only from purple rice.

Miyajima purple rice vinegar

Miyajima purple rice vinegar

Ponzu Sauce with Yuzu Citrus

Ponzu Sauce with Yuzu Citrus

Products for business use

As for products for professional use, we produce many types of products ranging from small to large package sizes.


Beef curry


Ace Worcester sauce

Original equipment manufacturing (OEM)

Original desing manufacturing (ODM)

We have been providing OEM/ODM service for more than 30 years. We respond to all kind of needs from customers and make use of our experience and know-how.

About our OEM & ODM service

Aseptic filling machine

High speed powder filling machine

Vacuum filling line

Retort sterilization equipment