Ingredients for Japanese-Style Cooked Rice with Saga Beef

Ingredients for Japanese-Style Cooked Rice with Saga Beef

This Japanese-style mixed rice seasoning features sweetly simmered beef and burdock roots, with their original flavors well-brought out. You can easily cook delicious Japanese-style mixed rice with beef and burdock root slices just by mixing this product with piping-hot rice.

Product Information

Net Weight 130 g / Piece
Size / Piece
(W x D x H)
140 mm x 20 mm x 180 mm (167g)
Quantity 30 Pieces / Case
Case Size
(W x D x H)
445 mm x 240 mmx 205 mm (7.1kg)
Best Before Period 1 Year and 6 Months
Storage Room Temperature
Ingredients and Allergy Information Available on Japanese website (in Japanese)
How to Use

1. Place 2 gou (around 300g) of rice into a container of a rice cooker. Wash the rice with water and drain it well. Add the water into the container according to the instructions of the cooker.

2. Add this product into the container, mix gently, and cook the rice using the cooker immediately.

3. After cooked, mix the rice lightly and cover the lid again. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then it is ready to eat.

The fat contained in this product sometimes may solidify. Before opening, warm this package in warm water for a few minutes. It helps to pour out the contents thoroughly.

If you use wash-free rice, adjust the amount of water according to the instructions. Also, let the rice sit for a while in the water before adding this product so that the rice absorbs the water well.