Hakata Motsu Nabe Soup, Rich Miso Taste

This nabe soup is produced using excellent Japanese garlic as well as 2 types of koji, barley koji and rice koji, which are blended at the golden ration, from the long-established soy sauce brewery.
(For 3 to 4 servings)

Product Information

Net Weight 720 g / Piece
Size / Piece
(W x D x H)
150 mm x 75 mm x 260 mm (730g)
Quantity 10 Pieces / Case
Case Size
(W x D x H)
345 mm x 256 mmx 263 mm (8.1kg)
Best Before Period 1 Year
Storage Room Temperature
Ingredients and Allergy Information Available on Japanese website (in Japanese)
How to Use

Recommended Ingredients (3 to 4 Servings)

  • 400g Motsu (beef or pork offal) or meat of your choice
  • 150g Burdock Root
  • 300 g Tofu
  • 300g Cabbage
  • 100g Garlic Chive
  • Cooking Procedures
    1. Before opening, shake the package well. Then, pour the contents into a pot and let it come to a boil.
    2. When it starts to boil, put ingredients into the pot (add hard-to cook ingredients first). You can also add garlic and chili pepper to your taste. After adding all ingredients, cover the pot with a lid and boil it over medium heat.
    3. When they are cooked, pour the ingredients and soup into a bowl and enjoy them. It becomes more authentic Hakata motsu nabe and delicious by adding yuzu pepper as a condiment.

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