Rice Bowl with Soy Sauce-Seasoned Fresh Tuna

Cooking time:20 minutes (excluding time to cool down the steamed rice)  Calories: 556kcal

Helpful One-Point Tip:

Season the tuna with the soy sauce to reduce its soggy texture and enhance its nice flavor.

Ingredients (2 Servings):

>>Please see the instructions on measuring spoons and cups.

  • 150g Fresh Tuna Fillet (sashimi grade)
  • [Seasoning Sauce for the Tuna]

  • 2 tablespoons (30ml) Saga Soy Sauce
  • Proper amount of Wasabi (Japanese Horseradish) (to taste)
  • [Sushi Rice (Vinegared rice)]

  • 500g Steamed Rice
  • 2 tablespoons (30ml) Vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon (15ml) Sugar
  • 2/3 teaspoon (about 4g) Salt
  • Some Shredded Nori Seaweed
  • Some Shiso Parsley Leaves
  • Some Shiso Parsley Inflorescences (Hoziso) and White Radish Sprouts (Kaiware-Na) (if available)
  • Wasabi (Japanese Horseradish ) (to taste)

Cooking Procedures:

Slice the tuna:
Slice the tuna fillet into 2- to 3-mm wide- slices.

Season the tuna slices with the soy sauce:
(Arrange the tuna slices onto a plate and pour the soy sauce over them. Coat the slices with the soy sauce evenly. You can add some Japanese horseradish into the soy sauce to taste before pouring, if you like.

Prepare the sushi rice:
Blend the vinegar, salt and sugar thoroughly to make sushi vinegar. Place the freshly cooked rice into a container (Wooden sushi tub called “sushi-oke” is preferable). In this process, be careful about the hotness of the rice not to get burned. Then, pour the sushi vinegar over the rice and mix it well using a rice paddle in cutting motions. After mixing, cool it down using a paper-made fan called uchiwa.

Arrange the ingredients onto a bowl:
Place the sushi rice you prepared in the step 3 into a bowl. Sprinkle the chopped green onion and the shredded nori seaweed on the rice. Then, arrange the soy sauce-seasoned tuna slices over it. Finally, garnish it with the shiso parley leaves, shiso parsley inflorescence and white radish sprouts. Top the tune with a small amount of the Japanese horseradish, as you like, to taste.

The Key Item in this recipe:

SAGA Soy Sauce

Our Saga Soy Sauce has a refreshing and mellow taste. This soy sauce is good for making dipping sauce for fresh fish sashimi (sliced raw-fish flesh). Also, this soy sauce suits well for making thick starchy sauce (ankake-dare), soup dishes and stewed dishes. This Soy Sauce brings out the nice aroma and excellent taste of the dish.