Japanese Radish & Squid Simmered in Rich Sauce

Cooking time:30 minutes  Calories:143kcal

Helpful One-Point Tip:

Simmer the squid first to season the simmering soup with its flavor. Then, simmer the Japanese radish in this soup.

Ingredients (4 Servings):

>>Please see the instructions on measuring spoons and cups.

  • 2 heads Squid
  • 1/3 Japanese Radish (Daikon)
  • 3 tablespoons (45ml) Sake
  • 1/2 cups (100ml) Miyajima Tsuyu Soup Base (bonito flavor)
  • 2 cups (400ml) Water
  • 1 piece Ginger Root
  • 8 pods Green Beans

Cooking Procedures:

Cut the ingredients:
Remove the inners from the squid, and wash its flesh and tentacles thoroughly. Slice the flesh into 1.5cm-long rings. Cut the tentacles into 2 or 3 pieces. Cut the Japanese radish into bite-sizes and parboil them using the rice-water (the remaining water you obtained after washing rice grains). If such water is not available, substitute normal water for boiling the radish pieces.

Simmer the squid in a pot with the tsuyu soup base:
Pour the tsuyu soup base and 2 cups of water into a pot and then bring it to a boil. Then, add the squid slices and ginger, and simmer them briefly. Remove the squid slices and set them aside. Then, add the Japanese radish pieces in the same pot and simmer them for about 20 minutes on middle heat until they absorb the soup well.

Simmer the squid again in the pot:
When the Japanese radish becomes soft, put the squid pieces again into the pot and simmer them together for a while. After they are well cooked, arrange them onto a plate. As for the green beans, boil them and then slice them into bite-sized pieces. Place them on the squid and Japanese radish.

The Key Item in this recipe:

Miyajima Tsuyu Soup Base, Double-Concentrated (Bonito-Flavored)

This is one of Miyajima Brand Tsuyu Soups, which is featured with its distinctive flavorful bonito flavor. You can use this soup not only for making soup base for stewed dishes and noodle dishes, but also for making combined seasonings which add a final touch to any dish.