Stir-Fried Rice Seasoning (Garlic Flavor)

Just 3 minutes speedy cooking with rice and egg! This is a powder type stir-fried rice seasoning with garlic flavor. The nice garlic flavor really attracts your appetite. The key ingredients to the taste of this seasoning are our factory made soy sauce and black pepper!

Product Information

Net Weight 6.5 g x 3 / Piece
Size / Piece
(W x D x H)
130 mm x 16 mm x 180 mm (30g)
Quantity 60 Pieces / Case
Case Size
(W x D x H)
411 mm x 315 mmx 209 mm (2.6kg)
Best Before Period 1 Year and 6 Months
Storage Room Temperature
Ingredients and Allergy Information Available on Japanese website (in Japanese)
How to Cook

Recommended Ingredients (1 serving):
250g Steamed Rice, 1 Egg, 15ml Vegetable Oil, One Serving Pack of This Product.

1. Heat the pan on high heat and add the vegetable oil. Pour the beaten egg into the pan and cook it shortly.

2. Turn the burner to medium heat. Add the steamed rice in the pan and stir-fry it until it gets moderately separated from each other and less sticky.

3. Open one serving pack of this product and sprinkle it over the rice. Stir-fry them shortly and then serve the cooked rice onto a plate or bowl.

Adjust the cooking time and the heat of the burner as necessary.

Cooking Recipe using Stir-Fried Rice Seasoning (Crab Flavor)


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